Ms. Ann — Assisted senior living in Spring Hill, FL

Assisted Living in Spring Hill, FL

Ann's House - Oakwood was licensed in July 1999 and was established in the same year as an adult family-care home. It is managed by Ms. Ann Marie Rimple, the owner and administrator.

Ms. Rimple is a graduate of McMaster University of Canada with a Bachelor of Science in nursing and a Bachelor of Arts in gerontology and sociology. She is also a graduate of Emory University's wound care program. Ms. Rimple has worked as a nurse, director of nursing, healthcare administrator, and educator in the field of geriatrics for 30 years. She has received certification from the State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs as an assisted-living facility trainer.
Ms. Rimple is a leader in the industry of assisted living. She brings the passion, knowledge, and experience to provide the very best care. Her passion developed in 1990 when she saw the conditions her grandmother had to endure. This set into motion the process of creating a facility where your loved one will be cared for properly.
Ms. Rimple also is certified in all of the following areas:
  • Certified Alzheimer's Trainer
  • AFCH Trainer/Instructor
  • Certified HIV, CPR, FA Instructor
  • CNA Instructor
  • Medication Instructor
  • ALF Core Trainer
  • All ALF Training and Updates
  • Trains on Your Premises or In My Facility
  • Will Perform Mock Surveys
All classes must be booked 30 days before and all financial duties must be completed 48 hours before the class begins.
Compassion • Dignity • Respect
Ann's House LNS License No. AL10334